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    dataset update COLLECTION_NAME KEY


update will replace a JSON document in a dataset collection for a given KEY. By default the JSON document is read from standard input but you can specific a specific file with the “-input” option. The JSON document should already exist in the collection when you use update.


In this example we assume there is a JSON document on local disc named jane-doe.json. It contains {“name”:“Jane Doe”} and the KEY is “jane.doe”. In the first one we specify the full JSON document via the command line after the KEY. In the second example we read the data from jane-doe.json. Finally in the last we read the JSON document from standard input and save the update to “jane.doe”. The collection name is “people.ds”.

    dataset update people.ds jane.doe '{"name":"Jane Doiel"}'
    dataset update people.ds jane.doe jane-doe.json
    dataset update -i jane-doe.json people.ds jane.doe
    cat jane-doe.json | dataset update people.ds jane.doe

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