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finddir finds directory based on matching prefix, suffix or contained text in base filename.


Below are a set of options available.

    -c, -contains        find file(s) based on basename containing text
    -d, -depth           Limit depth of directories walked
    -e, -error-stop      Stop walk on file system errors (e.g. permissions)
    -examples            display example(s)
    -f, -full-path       list full path for files found
    -generate-manpage    generate man page
    -generate-markdown   generate markdown documemtations
    -h, -help            display this help message
    -l, -license         display license information
    -m, -mod-time        display file modification time before the path
    -nl, -newline        if true add a trailing newline
    -o, -output          output filename
    -p, -prefix          find file(s) based on basename prefix
    -quiet               suppress error messages
    -s, -suffix          find file(s) based on basename suffix
    -v, -version         display version message


Find all subdirectories starting with “img”.

finddir -p img

finddir v0.0.25