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timefmt formats the current date or INPUT_DATE based on the output format provided in options. The default input and output format is RFC3339. Formats are specified based on Golang’s time package including the common constants (e.g. RFC822, RFC1123).

For details see

One additional time layout provided by timefmt


Below are a set of options available.

    -examples             display example(s)
    -generate-manpage     generate man page
    -generate-markdown    generate markdown documentation
    -h, -help             display help
    -if, -input-format    Set format for input
    -l, -license          display license
    -nl, -newline         if true add a trailing newline
    -o, -output           output filename
    -of, -output-format   Set format for output
    -quiet                suppress error messages
    -utc                  timestamps in UTC
    -v, -version          display version


Format the date July, 7, 2016 in YYYY-MM-DD format

timefmt -if "2006-01-02" -of "01/02/2006" "2017-12-02"

Yields “12/02/2017”

Format the MySQL date/time of 8:08am, July 2, 2016

timefmt -input-format mysql -output-format RFC822  "2017-12-02 08:08:08"

Yields “02 Dec 17 08:08 UTC”

timefmt v0.0.25