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Project Status: WIP – Initial development is in progress, but there has not yet been a stable, usable release suitable for the public.

Institutional Repository Data Management Tools

This is a proof of concept set tools for working with Invenio RDM and migrating content from EPrints to RDM. It consists of a small set of Go based command line programs along with Python scripts and a wrapping irdm Python module. The Go based tooling is designed to work directory with a copy of you repositories’ database (e.g. Postgres for RDM or MySQL for EPrints).

The proof of concept is being developed around RDM’s web services (e.g. REST API and OAI-PMH), PostgreSQL database and external metadata services (e.g. CrossRef, DataCite).

Caltech Library is using irdmtools to migrate content from our legacy EPrints 3.3 repositories (heavily customized) to RDM. Post migration the core Go tools will remain useful for curation at the collection level (e.g. rdmutil)


This tool is for interacting with an Invenio RDM repository via RDM’s REST and OAI-PMH API. It covers most the JSON API documented at This includes listing, submitting and managing records and draft records.

rdmutil configuration is read either from the environment or a JSON formatted configuration file. See the man page for details.


This tool is used for migrating data out of EPrints. It can be used on a copy of your EPrints MySQL database. It parallels rdmutil and is an evolution of our tooling developed in eprinttools. See the man page for details.


This tool is migrating content from an EPrints repository via the EPrint REST API. It will retrieve an EPrint XML representation of the EPrint record and transform it into a JSON encoded simplified record nearly compatible with Invenio RDM. See the man page for details.


This tool will query the CrossRef or DataCite API and convert a works record into a JSON structure compatible with an RDM record (e.g. to be inserted via an RDM API call). See the man page for details


This tools take an EPrint record in a dataset collection and returns an abbreviated record inspired by citeproc. It also supports harvesting select EPrint records into a dataset collection using the -harvest and -ids options. We use this feature to facilate creating See the man page for details.


Quick install

If you’re running on Linux, macOS or Raspberry Pi OS you may be able to installed precompiled irdmtools Go based tools with the following curl command –

curl | sh

Installation from source

This codebase is speculative. It is likely to change and as issues are identified. To install you need to download the source code and compile it. Here’s the steps I take to install irdmtools.

git clone
cd irdmtools
make test
make install
python -m pip install -r requirements.txt


The Go based tools rely on a properly configured environment (i.e. environment variables set in your POSIX shell). Specific requirements are listed in the man pages for each of the Go based command line programs.