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Blogit provides a quick tool to add or replace blog content organized around a date oriented file path. In addition to placing documents it also will generate simple markdown documents for inclusion in navigation.


Below are a set of options available.

    -C, -copyright       Set the blog copyright notice.
    -D, -description     Set the blog description
    -E, -ended           Set the blog ended date.
    -IT, -index-tmpl     Set index blog template
    -L, -language        Set the blog language.
    -License             Set the blog language license.
    -N, -name            Set the blog name.
    -P, -prefix          Set the prefix path before YYYY/MM/DD.
    -PT, -post-tmpl      Set index blog template
    -Q, -quip            Set the blog quip.
    -R, -refresh         Refresh blog.json for a given year
    -S, -started         Set the blog started date.
    -U, -url             Set blog's URL
    -V, -verbose         verbose output
    -a, -asset           Copy asset file to the blog path for provided date (YYYY-MM-DD)
    -e, -examples        display examples
    -generate-markdown   generate markdown documentation
    -h, -help            display help
    -l, -license         display license
    -v, -version         display version


I have a Markdown file called, “”. I want to add it to my blog for the date July 1, 2021. I’ve written “” in my home “Documents” folder and my blog repository is in my “Sites” folder under “Sites/”. Adding “” to the blog would use the following command.

cd Sites/ blogit 2021-07-01

The blogit command will copy “”, creating any necessary file directories to “Sites/”. It will also update article lists ( at the year level, month, and day level and month level of the directory tree and and generate/update a posts.json in the “Sites/” that can be used in your home page template for listing recent posts.

blogit includes an option to set the prefix path to the blog posting. In this way you could have separate blogs structures for things like podcasts or videocasts.

# Add a landing page for the podcast
blogit -prefix=podcast 2021-07-01
# Add an audio file containing the podcast
blogit -prefix=podcast my-vacation.wav 2021-07-01

Where “-p, -prefix” sets the prefix path before the YYYY/MM/DD path.

If you have an existing blog paths in the form of PREFIX/YYYY/MM/DD you can use blogit to create/update/recreate the blog.json file.

blogit -prefix=blog -refresh=2021

The option “-refresh” is what indicates you want to crawl for blog posts for that year.

blogit v0.2.4