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frontmatter [OPTIONS]


frontmatter extracts JSON front matter from a Markdown file. If no front matter is present then an empty file is returned. Note frontmatter doesn’t process the data extracted. It returns it unprocessed. Other tools can be used to process the front matter appropriately. By default frontmatter reads from standard in and writes to standard out. This makes it very suitable for pipeline processing or for passing JSON formatted front matter back to mkpage for integration into the templates processed.


Below are a set of options available.

    -examples            display example(s)
    -generate-markdown   generate Markdown documentation
    -h, -help            display help
    -i, -input           input filename
    -j, -json            output as JSON
    -l, -license         display license
    -o, -output          output filename
    -quiet               suppress error messages
    -v, -version         display version


Extract a front matter from

cat | frontmatter

This will display the front matter if found in

frontmatter -i

Will also do the same.

frontmatter v0.2.4